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Are you looking for refreshing and flavorful beverages that are perfect for your special occasion? Introducing Sodabeers, the family-owned business revolutionizing the world of non-alcoholic drinks. With our wide selection of delicious flavors and commitment to quality, we have become a favorite for those seeking a delicious craft soda. IN 2020 WE RECEIVED THE HIGHLY COVETED BEST OF STATE STATUE FOR THE BEST PRODUCT IN UTAH! We also received the best of state medal for the best beverage made in Utah for 12 years in a row.

You can enjoy our lineup of drinks whether you're hosting a dinner party, enjoying a quiet night at home, or craving something tasty to quench your thirst. We continue to grow and ship our products throughout the United States so everyone across the country can enjoy our delightful creations. We're honored to continue to establish our presence, as you'll find us on grocery shelves in 28 states and counting. Learn more about what we have to offer.

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You can find your favorite SodaBeers in 28 states and counting. Use our store locator to find grocery stores or restaurants serving SodaBeers near you.

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Family-owned and operated for years

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Unmatched Quality and Taste

At our core, Sodabeers celebrates the family's rich tradition of flavor and quality. Every craft soda we create is a testament to our love and passion for using the finest ingredients available. The taste is the driving force behind all our non-alcoholic drinks, and no expenses are spared to create the final product.

We believe the last sip should be as equally enjoyable as the first. Our commitment is to use pure cane sugar and natural flavors for our different selections. As a result, you can taste a refreshing beverage that artificial sweeteners can't match. With every Sodabeers sip, you know you're enjoying a craft soda made with care and integrity. From using quality ingredients to creating unique flavor combinations, we make a unique experience for family and friends.

Flavors That Tantalize The Taste Buds

Sodabeers has a selection of non-alcoholic beverages that can help satisfy anyone's taste buds. No matter which one you choose, you'll love the taste, quality, and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.
  • Apple Beer- This is our original favorite! Enjoy a bottle or buy it by the barrel.
  • Apple Beer Five- A lower calorie option that doesn't scrimp on taste.
  • Ginger Beer- A refreshing taste that's perfect to enjoy on a hot day.
  • Root Beer- Enjoy the American classic with a twist- a hint of vanilla mixed in.
  • Butterscotch Beer- Our latest creation joins the lineup. You'll love the rich and creamy flavor of butterscotch.

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Whether you are in foodservice, retail, or distribution, Apple Beer can be a unique addition to your beverage offering. We can provide marketing and logistics support to ensure our mutual success.

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Enjoying yourself doesn't mean you have to reach for an alcoholic drink. Sodabeers non-alcoholic drinks are the perfect way to bring a unique spin to your favorite beverages. You can shop our available craft sodas anytime you wish. We look forward to helping you enjoy some of the most delicious and refreshing drinks you've ever tasted. If you’ve been looking for something different that all your friends and family will love, you’ll be glad you tried us out.