Our Story

Fassbrause (or 'Keg Soda')


A German soft drink developed over a century ago by Bavarian Brewmeisters, called Fassbrause, was prepared using fruits and spices and stored in wooden kegs. When served it poured like a beer, with a thick foamy head, but without any alcohol.

We brought the Fassbrause tradition to the Rocky Mountains in the 1960’s, combined with high-quality ingredients, and Apple Beer was born!

Our family operation is focused on flavor. We bottle Apple Beer using all-natural ingredients and pure cane sugar. The result is a fruity, crisp, alcohol-free drink with a clean finish that can be consumed alone or used as a delicious base for mixed drinks.

We first expanded the Apple Beer line with the Apple Beer FIVE. This delicious 5-calorie drink is made with Acai Berry and Ginseng and delivers a refreshing guilt-free taste.

We recently launched two new flavors - in 2018 our Ginger Beer and in 2019 our Root Beer. The growing family of beverages gave birth to the SodaBeers brand, soft drinks that employ similar methods to produce a variety of unique soda beers. Along with our four current sodas, we are pleased to announce the addition of Butterscotch Beer—coming to stores in 2021. 

We’re now available in grocery stores, restaurants, and specialty markets in the Western US. Visit our Store Locator to find Apple Beer today!