Sodabeers: Best of Utah Winner 12 Years Running

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Sodabeers has become a household name in the beverage industry of Utah, distinguished by an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation. For an astounding twelve consecutive years, it has clinched the "Best of Utah" award, a testament to its enduring popularity and excellence. What sets Sodabeers apart isn't just their array of unique flavors, utilizing locally sourced ingredients, but also their eco-friendly brewing processes that demonstrate a profound respect for the environment. As we look closer at this remarkable local gem, we'll explore the secrets behind their success, the depths of their flavor profiles, and the impact they've made on the community. Join us as we celebrate the journey of Sodabeers, where every sip tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and a dedication to creating the perfect blend of fizzy delight.

Who is Sodabeers?

Sodabeers is a pioneer in the craft soda industry, epitomizing the marriage of artisanal craftsmanship with refreshing beverages. Each bottle is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and a personal touch. This dedication is evident in the rich, complex flavors that have captured the local palate. At Sodabeers, we believe that the best soda comes from the best ingredients, which is why we hold our products' ingredients to such a high standard. The uniqueness of our sodas comes from our insistence on real ingredients over synthetic flavorings, showcasing not just a beverage but a craft — a careful blend of science and art, with each bottle reflecting a commitment to heritage and taste innovation.

Best Product Made in Utah Winner in 2020

Awarded the "Best Product Made in Utah" in 2020, Sodabeers exemplifies a legacy of excellence that surpasses the expectations of beverage connoisseurs. This honor not only highlights the company's commitment to quality but also underscores the broader resonances of its dedication to superior beverage creation. Sodabeers’ philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that an unwavering standard of excellence is the cornerstone of their identity. In an industry where corner-cutting can be frequent, Sodabeers stands out for its integrity, opting at every turn for methods that exhibit respect for the art of craft soda making. Through this approach, every achievement is a reinforcement of the brand's pledge to not only maintain but also elevate to new heights of beverage excellence.

What Products Do We Offer?

Apple Beer

Our Apple Beer is a true classic, boasting a crisp and refreshing taste with each sip invoking the essence of orchard-picked apples. Expertly blended, it delivers a harmonious balance of sweetness and tartness that has become a favorite among our customers. This beverage encapsulates the pure taste of autumn, crafted to perfection without the need for preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Sodabeers’ Apple Beer isn't just a drink, it's an experience that connects nature to your taste buds.

Root Beer

Our Root Beer is a celebration of tradition, offering a smooth and creamy taste that pays homage to the classic American beverage we all know and love. Every bottle is a nod to yesteryear, providing a timeless flavor that pairs perfectly with any meal or enjoyed on its own for a satisfyingly sweet escape. This beverage stands as a testament to Sodabeers' mastery in craftsmanship, delivering a nostalgic and robust taste with every delightful fizz.

Butterscotch Beer

Our Butterscotch Beer is a whimsical twist on tradition, rich with the creamy essence of buttery caramel. A sophisticated yet playful treat, this flavor is a fan favorite for its indulgent, velvety taste and its luxurious scent that enchants the senses. With a formula that has been refined over the years, our Butterscotch Beer brings a touch of sweetness to any occasion, making it more than just a soda—it's a craft beverage designed for the discerning palate.

Ginger Beer

Our Ginger Beer ignites the senses with a bold and spicy burst of flavor that is both invigorating and refreshing. Crafted using real ginger, it offers a peppery kick and a gentle undercurrent of sweetness, cultivating a lively dance of flavors on the palate. Ideal for sipping alone or as a mixer in cocktails, Sodabeers' Ginger Beer is an effervescent tribute to the timeless versatility and zest of ginger.

Apple Beer Five

Apple Beer Five is our answer to those seeking the full-flavored vibrancy of our signature Apple Beer with fewer calories. This lighter version is crafted with the health-conscious consumer in mind, offering all the familiar orchard-fresh taste that Sodabeers is known for, but with a lighter footprint on your daily calorie intake. Perfect for those special moments when you crave a guilt-free indulgence, Apple Beer Five ensures you don't have to compromise on taste for a healthier lifestyle.

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